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European client gets rapid timed delivery


A GTE client received a front loaded schedule from their niche car manufacturer customer. GTE had a vehicle waiting as the goods were passed through inspection. The German client required updates on route and a timed deadline for delivery. All key milestones were notified during transit and the goods arrived within the specified timeframes keeping all stakeholders informed and content.


UK Same Day, 24 hour collections keep production line rolling 


A GTE auto client urgently resourced to a new supplier. The task to keep production running and build safety stocks which required hourly collections 24 hours each day. The first vehicle arrived within minutes and support was provided using HGVs and vans. Over time the schedules increased and GTE kept production running with multiple daily collections for several months. Once the supplier was able to build safety stocks a seamless hand over ensued returning to daily ex-works collections.


Delicate Goods, handled with care


A technology client required 1.8mtr visual display delivering into central London to clients without offload facilities. To maintain their custom GTE purchased a bespoke vehicle with tail lift facility. The same vehicle was also used to support a bespoke furniture designer and manufacturer. GTE successfully supported both clients with careful handling, transportation and offloading. Additionally an increased goods in transit insurance policy was tailored to meet the client’s needs.


Flexibilty provided by Client Fleet Support


GTE was contacted by a new client who ran their own fleet of vehicles. The sales team and transport department constantly battled to support their customers with a fixed fleet in a reactionary industry. GTE keeping flexibility within the fleet was able to offer HGVs and vans for instant support. The result was a happy client, the accountant was content and above all their customers received a perfect service.


Pallet Line Client Changes to Dedicated Vehicles


A GTE client asked for occasional van support to deliver additional pallets to cover late next day deliveries which were “in transit.” The client had two customers within a few miles from each other. GTE quoted a dedicated vehicle to deliver to both customers, the result was an improved controlled service and a cost reduction.



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